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the 7-day surfing course program
focused on developing your surf skills


We crafted an independent 7-day surfing course program focused on developing your surf skills. Our stylish and cozy Surf House is located just a few minutes away from the beach at the environmentally protected area called North Coast Natural Park with a bunch of different uncrowded waves to surf. We are not part of those common big standard stereotype "surf camp" companies and as co-founders and professional surf coaches we aim to help our students in every way we can, sharing with them valuable information that benefits their progress.

Get to experience it yourself at our surf house in Esposende, Portugal, live minutes away from the beach, and combine salty days with adventures nearby Porto.

Image by Knut Robinson
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What is included

7-day surfing course program

Week total amount
450 EUR

All taxes & Service fees included


Making sure you rest properly and get ready for action is one of our goals, so if you feel more comfortable with more privacy you can request a twin or single room.




Minimum 2 persons 



Minimum 4 persons

all prices are per person

2023 Calendar
Surf Training Weeks

Dates & Availability

Surf Training Week - level 1
Sep 2st - Sep 8th

only 6 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1
Aug 26st - Sep 1th

only 5 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Sep 16st - Sep 22th

only 7 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Sep 9st - Sep 15th

only 6 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Sep 30st - Oct 6th

only 7 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Sep 23st - Sep 29th

only 4 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Oct 14st - Oct 20th

only 8 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Oct 7st - Oct 13th

only 9 spots left

Surf Training Week - level 1 & level 2
Oct 21st - Oct 27th

only 10 spots left


Stay at our unique beautiful spot with confort, good vibe and very welcoming environment

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Esposende is a chill vibe town just 30 min away from the Oporto airport.

The main surfing beach, Ofir, is part of North Coast Natural Park, an environmentally protected area with long sand dunes and all kind of migratory birds. The surf spots around are some of the best to learn surfing in Portugal because they provide perfect and forgiving waves for beginner and intermediate surf lessons.
Moreover, Portugal was born in the North in 1143 and Esposende is very close to other historical portuguese cities. You will be able to visit and experience some real Portuguese culture and famous gastronomy in towns like Porto (35min), Braga (30min) and Viana do Castelo (20min). 


"The Surf House is a family project based on a concept: to receive guests from all over the world, without ever ending crucial and common aspects between them - comfort and good mood"

The "Oceano" accommodation is our go-to style of room for this surfing program. The ideal nomenclature for a large room with 5 bunk beds, 10 single beds, in a mixed dormitory format. Each of the beds has a curtain to prevent the entrance of light. Each bed also has a personal light and a plug for charging electronic devices. At the door of the dormitory there is a shower room with all the conditions of hygiene and privacy, to be used only by the people lodged in the dormitory.

The Waves

Experience a couple of uncrowded beautiful waves during your stay 



Our main beach, Ofir, is one of the best waves to learn surfing in Portugal, due to its mellow multiple peaks all along the beach. The jetty divides the beach on two sides: north and south - each one working with conditions so you'll be able to surf it almost with all tide's periods

Estela & Aguçadoura

15min south stays Estela and Aguçadoura - a long stretch of exposed beach breaks with amazing split peaks. We head there when the waves are small in Ofir or when we have good intermediate students that want a new challeng


Cabedelo | Viana

20 minutes north lies one of the most famous and consistent breaks in Portugal! Surfers from all over the inland and from Galicia go surf Cabedelo when the swells are very big in the other beaches. The seawall provides a long righthander at low tide and shorter but still awesome lefthander on high tide. However, because the beach is very very long and protected by a long seawall we always find room to catch good waves there with our students. Other surf clubs from the area are usually very friendly and there's different take off zones on the waves suitable for the advanced and the beginner surfer as well.

Other waves

Although we presented you the most famous spots above, there's plenty of coastline with surf breaks in northern Portugal to explore. With the local knowledge of our coaches we will always aim to provide you with the best waves possible each day of your stay

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Meet the Team

Dedicated family professionals eager to provide the best times during your stay    



Entrepreneur, longboarder, photographer, film-maker, and old cars affectionate Jorge is a classic character that will get everything arranged for you to have an unforgettable week. His true hospitality makes you feel confident and relaxed and he will help you to solve anything you need during your stay. Whether it's barbecues, help you with your flights, jeep rides, cultural day trips to Porto or Braga or restaurants tips he got you covered!



General Manager

Wine connoisseur

Edu is an outgoing, easy-going person, lover of language, travelling, experiences, cultures, sports, goog gastronomy combined with good wine, movies and music. Understanding and always ready to help in a loyal and honest way.


Raquel Vale

Performance Surf Coach

Ex top surf competitor Raquel was regional surfing champion and is an excellent surf coach. Full of good energy, she will guide you during your stay and make you surf better at each session


Daniel Mizrahi

Head Coach

With more than 10 years teaching surf, Level II certified coach by FPS, he has trained hundreds of surfers from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels. Always ready to take risks and willing to enter demanding waves, Daniel will help you to remain calm, self-confident and will teach you a technical model to progress in the sport quickly and consistently. Sports Coach since 2016, you can count on his honest tips to change your way of approaching the waves.


Pedro Pinto

Head Coach

Tube rider in the morning or ripping small and soft waves in the afternoon, his energy and willingness to surf all types of waves is contagious! Pedro Pinto, known as Pisco spent 4 years living in Peniche with the aim of perfecting his technique in the famous Supertubos and on the beaches around the city. Sports coach since 2017, with him you will learn specific details to get the most out of any type of wave and sea condition


Luís Sampaio

OG Surf Coach
King of Good Times

Luís is a very experienced surf coached who teached hundreds of students how to surf. From down till dusk, with vibrant positive vibes, he will make sure you have the time of your life!

Surf Coaching

Learn to surf better and make solid progress