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Our guesthouse isn't just somewhere to crash, it's where the sea and community come together - an atmosphere where guests feel like family.

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Welcome to Sea Soul Esposende, your perfect accommodation and guesthouse in Esposende! Our guesthouse isn't just somewhere to crash; it's where the sea and community come together. We're all about creating a cozy atmosphere where guests feel like family.

Each room has its own tale to tell, reflecting the universal connection we all share.

So, come on in, make yourself at home, and let's create some memories together at Sea Soul Esposende!

Located in Esposende, a small coastal town just 30 minutes away from Porto, our guesthouse is designed not just for accommodation but as a lifestyle destination. 

Esposende is more than just a town.

From the vibrant surf scene to the charming local culture, every moment in Esposende is like a chapter in an unforgettable story.

So, why should you visit? Because Esposende has a unique charm that you won't find anywhere else. Join us and experience it for yourself!

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Our mission is to offer more than just a place to stay – expect vibrant community gatherings, surf camps, and the opportunity to make lasting memories in the heart of Portugal's coastal charm.

So, whether you're looking to catch some waves, meet fellow pilgrims, or simply unwind by the beach, stay at Sea Soul Esposende for an experience like no other!

What we offer

Sea Soul Esposende surrounds itself with a huge abundance of services for an excellent stay. We have all kinds of good neighbors. From the sea to the lighthouse, from the waterfront to the skate park, from the typical restaurants to the most varied supermarkets, along with bars, cafés, parks full of vegetation and as if that wasn't enough, a constant sea breeze and joy.

Small pool

Co-working area

Rental bikes

Surfers on their boards in the beach in Esposende.
Surf camp in Portugal

Looking for a surf trip in the most chill and uncrowded place?

Here at Sea Soul Esposende, we crafted an independent 7-day Surf Camp Program perfect for those who look for some adventure in the most serene town.

Get to experience our Surf Camp in Portugal, minutes away from the beach, and combine beach days with adventures just 30 minutes away from Porto.

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