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Welcome to

the 7-day Surf Camp in Portugal

focused on developing your surf skills.

More waves, less crowds.

Surf Camp

Embark on a transformative 7-day Surf Camp in Portugal, located in the town of Esposende.

Our intimate surf house offers a stylish and cozy retreat just moments from uncrowded waves, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of the coastline without the distractions of crowds.

As co-founders and surf coaches, we transcend the standard "surf camp" experience by prioritizing individualized attention.

Here, you'll find the space and freedom to explore your full surfing potential without competing for waves or feeling overwhelmed by crowds.

Get to experience our Surf Camp in Portugal, minutes away from the beach, and combine beach days with adventures nearby Porto.

Surf coach correcting a girl inland

Learn to surf in Portugal

Surf better and make solid progress


Our methodology:

Multilingual and integrative surf camp

Introducing our innovative surf training program: learn faster, progress consistently.

We developed a technical model which we believe will help you to learn surfing faster and make progress in a consistent way.

As professional surf coaches we taught hundreds of students how to surf and we identified several common mistakes patterns that blocks one's progression at the sport.

For that matter we created and adapted specific on water and inland exercises for solving each one of those mistakes, which makes you feel already evoking in your first surf sessions. 

Our comprehensive 7-day program is offered in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, with a host fluent in German to ensure that everyone is welcomed.

Small groups for personalized guidance

Benefit from video analysis for personalized feedback, with recordings conveniently organized for ongoing improvement. Enjoy tailored lessons adaptable to individual skill levels and the prevailing wave conditions, ensuring an optimal learning experience in small groups of up to 12 participants per weekly program.


What is included

7-day surfing course program

Week total amount
450 EUR

All taxes and service fees included


Making sure you rest properly and get ready for action is one of our goals, so if you feel more comfortable with more privacy you can request private accomodation.

Private room:


Minimum 2 people

Private room for 4 people:


Minimum 4 people

all prices are per person

Surf house

Our mixed dorm is our go-to room for this Surf Camp. Each of the beds has a curtain for privacy, a personal light and a plug for charging electronic devices.

At the door of the dormitory there is a shower room with all the conditions of hygiene and privacy, to be used only by the people lodged in the dormitory.

There is a room for everyone's preference. If you seek a private accommodation, we offer various types of double bedrooms with private bathrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy. Additionally, we have one four-single bedroom available, also with a private bathroom for those who prefer a more intimate setting.

No matter your choice, rest assured that our accommodations are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your surfing program.

2024 Calendar
Surf Camp Weeks


Esposende is a chill vibe town just 30 minutes away from the Porto airport. The main surfing beach, Ofir, is part of Northern Litoral Natural Park, an environmentally protected area with long sand dunes and all kinds of migratory birds. The surf spots around are some of the best to learn surfing in Portugal because they provide perfect and forgiving waves for beginner and intermediate surf lessons. Esposende is very close to other historical portuguese cities and you will be able to visit and experience some real portuguese culture and famous gastronomy in towns like Porto (35 min.), Braga (30 min.) and Viana do Castelo (20 min.). 

The Waves

Experience a couple of uncrowded beautiful waves during your stay.

A men surfing


Our main beach, Ofir, is one of the best waves to learn surfing in Portugal, due to its mellow multiple peaks all along the beach. The jetty divides the beach on two sides: north and south - each one working with conditions so you'll be able to surf it almost with all tide's periods.

Estela and Aguçadoura

15 min. south stays Estela and Aguçadoura - a long stretch of exposed beach breaks with amazing split peaks. We head there when the waves are small in Ofir or when we have good intermediate students that want a new challenge.

A man surfing in Estela's beach
Beach in Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo

Cabedelo | Viana

20 minutes north lies one of the most famous and consistent breaks in Portugal! Surfers from all over the inland and from Galicia go surf Cabedelo when the swells are very big in the other beaches. The seawall provides a long righthander at low tide and shorter but still awesome lefthander on high tide. However, because the beach is very very long and protected by a long seawall we always find room to catch good waves there with our students. Other surf clubs from the area are usually very friendly and there's different take off zones on the waves suitable for the advanced and the beginner surfer as well.

Meet the Team

At our Surf House, meet our passionate team of professional coaches and hosts ready to elevate your surfing skills and ensuring a confortable stay.


After filling out the form, you will receive an email within the first 24 hours confirming your registration for the surf camp. This email will include all the necessary details regarding your booking, including the total cost, payment instructions, and any additional information you may need.

As mentioned, we accept payments via bank transfer and require an upfront payment of 30% of the total cost to secure your spot in the surf camp.

We look forward to welcoming you to our surf camp and providing you with an unforgettable experience!

What is your surf level?

Thank you!
We will get back to you as soons as possible

Surfers in the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to go?
    Portugal is an all year destination with lots of surfing days! However we recommend Summer and Fall for begginners and Spring and Fall for intermediates. Check out our Seasons page here
  • Am I too young / too old for this trip?
    This is one of the main concern of our guests. The majority of our students have ages ranging from 20-45 years old, but we have some good examples of surfers who took the course already on their 60's and had done very very well! So, if you have the right mindset and some physical experience it wont be to hard for you.
  • Im a solo traveler. Can I join this program?
    Half of our students are are lonesome or solo travellers. Whether you are travelling with a group or alone, we will certainly meet new friends and have an excellent time in Northern Portugal.
  • What surf experience do I need?
    As we mentioned before you dont need any experience to join our level 1 program. For all the other levels you can check this page!
  • How do I know my level?
    By spliting our surf weeks into levels we make sure that all the participants have a similar understanding about what is going on each day. This way the surf sessions run smoothier and the shared strugles and successes are more celebrated! Beginner | Beginner to Intermediate Surfer If you are a complete beginner or just tried surf for a few times in your life you fall at the level 1 category! If are already surf for some time but you strugle with catching unbroken waves and going right or left on the face, we advise you to take level 1+ courses. Level 2 and Level 2+ Intermediate level Surfer When you know the fundamentals and foundations of surfing - catch unbroken waves, turn right/left, try to go up on the face - but you want to start doing good maneuvers - then you should take the Level 2 or Level 2+ course.
  • Should I bring a wetsuit and surfboard for this trip?
    You dont need do bring any gear to this Surf week as we provide all the wetsuits and surfboards. However if you would like to have your own wetsuit you can purchase one with us with extra participant discount. We work with the finest rubber brands in the market such as O'neill, Billabong, Vissla, Roxy and Rip Curl. If you are participating at a level 2 surf week and have your own surfboard you can bring it if you feel more confortable.
  • I never surfed im my life. Is this trip for me?
    One the main goals of this week is to teach begginners how to surf properly and to help intermediates progress faster. More than 40% of our students never touched a surfboard before and even if you think you are out of shape we will have a good plan to guide you through this week.
  • I want to bring my family/partner but they dont surf. Can we join?
    Of course! Send us an email so we can review the rates for your stay. Even if they dont want to surf theres plenty of activities to do around here: hiking, biking, kite surfing, SUP, visiting the nearby towns, or just relaxing at the beach or at the swimming pool...
  • Is it suitable for vegans?
    Theres some restaurants with vegan options around Esposende and our lunch packs have vegan options such as falafel salad and Italian toasts. Vegetable's soup is also a cultural thing to eat in every meal here in Portugal as you will find out.
  • Are there any activities besides surfing?
  • How can I get there and from what airport?
    The best away to get here by air its to fly to Oporto airport. Then you can choose to come by bus, rent a car or use our transfer services. Just let us know when you are coming and we will help you out!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We allow for cancellations up to 3 weeks prior to the scheduled start of the surf camp. If you cancel within this timeframe, you will receive a full refund of any payments made. However, cancellations made after this period may not be eligible for a refund. We understand that circumstances can change, so please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your booking.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Currently, we exclusively accept payment via bank transfer. To reserve your spot, a 30% upfront payment is required. The remaining balance can be settled upon the first day of the surf camp. Please ensure to follow the provided instructions for smooth processing of your payment.


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